Sharon Empowers Me

 Sharon has been sharing her gifts of healing and psychic readings. Also channeling love ones that have has messages from me for many years now. She has taken me under her wings as her spiritual daughter and most of all friend. She has empowered me with encouragement to embrace and develop my own gifts. Sharon is a very talented and gifted woman that has gifts that will light up the world. She has empowered and shined a great light into my life. Thanks Sharon for all you do, Best wishes, Denise 

Client for 14 Years

Sharon is a compassionate remarkably talented Psychic Medium (offers comforting messages between the physical and spiritual world), Counselor, and Intuitive. Compassionate, understanding and SPIRITUAL. Wonderful insight into people and situations. I strongly recommend Sharon for helpful guidance. 

Judy, Harrison MI

Healing from Sexual Abuse

Suppressed memories of being sexually abused by my father since the age of 2 is what brought me to Sharon but what I got in return was more than just healing from the sexual abuse but someone who truly cared about me the person, the beautiful woman inside and she helped me find my true self.  God blessed me with an angel of a healer and for that I am forever grateful.  Kim, Scottsdale AZ 

Bob The Psychic also refers some clients to Only Shar-on. 

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