Intuitive Facilitator

Sharon meets you where you are in your life, your quests, your worries, your concerns, and/or your future. 

Sharon will assist you in the process of understanding and stepping out and into Your Life. It is with Grace, Love, Faith, Hope, and Compassion that Sharon is able to Release and Clear. Bringing in the steps, Guidance, Information, Support needed to Assist YOU in your Life. 

Sharon utilizes Oracle Cards as well as her Intuition.

Soul Energetic Healer

By working with the Soul, it opens and reveals how its being interpeted in the physical, emotional, mental aspects of our being. Working with many Healing teams, Arch-Angels, Master Healers, and Light Beings allows this process to unfold. 

As the Soul Heals it changes the other systems; physical, emotional, and/or mental. During this process, it may require clearing the DNA, Ancestral Lines, Past Life Clearing, Psychic Surgery, Ascension Acceleration, Upgrading Energetic Etheric Plates, or, Light Activation Codes. 

Whatever level your Soul and You need to clear, restore, elevate will be done for your Highest Good.  

This maybe done through Remote Healing, a talk session, Skype, Phone Call, or in person.

Name2Art Drawing

This is a drawing or painting done using the vibrations in your name to bring you Healing, Insights, and Time-lines. 

It is a tool that can be Read by anyone, which provides a message for them and you. Provides continual messages, Healing and is a tremendous Meditation tool.

Life After Death Name2Art- Another form of Mediumship tool that brings  Healing, Messages from our Loved ones (either close to Death or have past).  Another way to bring a loving message through for you.



Connecting to your Loved Ones, Guides, and others surrounding you. Sharon is able to connect with your Loved ones simply by your thought of them.  She will give evidence in their characteristics, personality, physical problems, or in their physical aspects.  She will bring forth the message/s they have for you with Love.

Angels, Guides, Arch-Angels, etc- Bringing forward messages from the Divine, Sharon lets you know what they are working on with you, if a New Guide is coming in and why, and what they want you to know at this time.

Suicides- Sharon has helped to clear, release Souls who have committed suicides to the Light.  Bringing them Healing through Forgiveness; which is for both the person here and person who has past. Releasing the shame, guilt, into Love, Compassion and finally Peace.

Clearing Spaces, Portals, Vortexes- Remotely provides insight, understanding, Clearing, and Restoring a sense of Peace back into the space.