Preparing for your Reading

Preparing for your Reading


  • Please make a list of questions. It helps bring the focus where you need it addressed.  
  • Come with an open mind. If something doesn’t seem right..question it. It may be something that you need to know now; for a later event. If it doesn’t fit just release it.
  • Make sure that it really is a “good” time for a Reading without distractions and where you’re able to focus on the Reading.
  • Remember this is YOUR time. I am honored to Read for you. This time is sacred.  
  • I work better if you give me a small background of information to go from. I am able to sense the energy around your concern better and also see what is needed.
  • My main concern is that you understand the messages that are coming to you. I will give time-lines as I’m guided.
  • Take much information comes through
  • Finally, important to note I am not a medical intuitive, or a doctor, lawyer etc in any sense of the word. This is as they say: for entertainment purposes.

What to Expect in a Reading

Usually within the first 5 min, 10 minutes maximum if I’m not “hitting it right”; then let me know. 

Sometimes its just a matter of switching how something is said, if it still doesn’t “hit” then we will end the session with a full refund to you.

Validations (things you thought), new insights, time-lines