Forgiveness Exercise


Forgiveness is one of the toughest experiences we avoid doing. It makes “us” accountable and not the other person. Its the “why” and how come we have to do it! Why not them? They did the injury, they did it to me! Although defiance can be a tremendous skill in its own right (especially for moving out of bad situations, starting new paths) it does not assist in the HEALING we sorely need and desire.

Forgiveness is about Loving YOU, YOURSELF, in the ways only YOU get and understand. It releases “them” from you. You’re FINALLY releasing THEIR weight from YOU! As long as you harbor the pain they caused you (whether they are aware of it or not) YOU are ALLOWING them to Control YOU! UCK!

Time to be freed! Released from pain, so you can live your life in Joy, Happiness, and in Love!

Now having said all this if you want to write down all of their “sins” etc and burn and release, that’s fine. If you want to write a letter and burn it or send it that’s fine.

But, I offer another bring in Peace, Healing, and Release.  

Five Steps of Forgiveness

  1. Bring the person forward in your mind. Think of any special moments you’ve had with them, good things said/done. Thank them for the memory moments.
  2. This is your opportunity to let it ALL OUT! Yell outloud (if its safe) or in your mind, all the injustices, what they did or did not do, your frustrations, pains, how this stopped you in life and/or how they weren’t what you needed or wanted. This works whether they are alive or have past.
  3. The hardest step: FORGIVE YOURSELF. We are the first one we blame. We own what anyone else said or did to us as somehow it was US who failed. As much as we hold the other person in blame, we actually blame ourselves more for buying into, accepting someone else’s actions etc. Holding onto this pain can create literal pain in our bodies, hamper us from having the life we wished and wanted for ourselves. So, this step is about, RELEASING the pain from you by simply saying I FORGIVE ME! Keep saying it till you feel your body sigh. There are many reasons why we allowed someone to have control over us. Remember, this is FOR YOU. You DESERVE to no longer be in pain due to someone else’s choices! I FORGIVE ME!
  4. Now, its time to FORGIVE them. Remember you are releasing their control in your life. Why would you give them any more power? Haven’t they done enough, haven’t you allowed them to steal enough of your dreams. Let GOD be their judge. The best REVENGE is to live a HAPPY LIFE free from their crap. As you say their name, know that they can NEVER hurt you again, not like they have, that you have learned stubbornness, strength, courage, wisdom..because of their choices. 
  5. Last step. See them in front of you. Let go of any attachments/cords to them or from them to you. Picture them in your mind falling they do so..feel your power come back to you. Feel how your body relaxes. If you choose you can say thank you or simply walk away..whatever you feel you need to do.



You can repeat this exercise at any time. Each time it is done will bring more empowerment and open up your Heart to Love and Heal the Mind, Soul and Body.

Many Blessings