About Sharon

Sharon finally awoke on her path at the age of 45

It was after raising her children and would involve leaving all she had known, moving 100 miles into and onto her journey. It was during this time that she lost her mother and looked for “more”.

At that time MSN chat rooms offered a variety of options. She joined one in England that taught her how to “Read” by tracing someone’s name. It was there and in other chat rooms that she Read over 3,000 people that she never met in less than a year and a half! During this time, she also created different types of Readings: Past Life Reading (where your past self gives a message to you at this point in your life), Song Readings (using the lyrics of a song to give you messages), Dragon Channelled messages, among unique oracle card layouts. Sharon has been known to Read foreheads, necks, jewlery, tablecloths, and the energy around someone.

Her abilities went from Empathy(feelings), to Clairaudience (hearing), Clairaugutus (smelling), Past Lives, Mediumship (talking/connecting to loved ones etc), Psychometry (stories or images from objects), Channelling (bringing in Higher Level Messages), Crossing over Souls, Clairsentience (clear Knowing), Remote viewing, Clairvoyance (clear seeing) and Energetic Healing.Her Abilities flux and expand. Always growing, shifting as she has grown on her path. Sharon brings to you her Life Experiences to assist you in understanding what you need to know; at this point in your life.

A session with Sharon, is like sitting down with a best friend, she meets you where you are, with no judgments. Sharon brings Grace, Support, Guidance, Hope, Faith, and Love to you and for you. Bringing what you need to know, clearing and releasing what is no longer needed, providing insight around you and coming in.  

  • It is an Amazing time of Unfolding and Validation, that at this moment, this is where YOU need to be.